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Established in 1928 by Juan Manuel Pablo, Casa el Unico comes from Bodegas Valdepablo’s estate owned vineyards and winery. It is situated in the region of Calatayud in Spain, the winery is run by the fourth generation. Their aim is to produce exquisite wine for wine lovers around the world using passion, modernity and a touch of tradition.

Calatayud is known for its impressive architecture, the ancient relics and high bell towers that define the city’s distinctive skyline. Casa el Unico – The only house is symbolic of the family’s long-standing contribution to the region.



has been producing wines for 100s of years, winemaking has stood the test of time through invasions and wars. Spain’s diverse terroir and large vineyards have evolved to produce a variety of styles at every price point making it a sought-after region for consumers all over the world. The country uses a grading system called Denominacion de Origen (DO) for wine region classification and only regions that produce quality wines receive the DO classification. Spain grows a wide range of both indigenous and international to cater to its ever-growing tourist population and booming export business. The most popular and widely grown indigenous grape is Tempranillo, the grape is used in prestigious Rioja wines and the most easy drinking modern wines from the endless vineyard plains of Castilla la Mancha.


is gaining recognition as a notable region in Spain for its distinctive style and emerging as a promising region in the wine world that has come to attract numerous quality conscious wineries and winemakers since its accession to DO status in 1990. The Romans had a lasting impact in the region from introducing viticulture to the local farmers and leaving behind some iconic relics and architecture. With no dearth of sunlight the region is known for its reds, mainly Tempranillo and Garnacha. It also produces some sturdy whites that flourish in hot climates like Chardonnay and Viura. The wines that are produced in this region are expressive, food friendly and fruit forward, perfect for the new age wine drinker.

Our Wines



Tasting Note

A well-balanced fruity wine full of character and finesse. It bursts with aromas & flavours of peach and tropical fruits with hints of slight sweetness on the palate.

Food Pairing

Fish and chicken in a buttery preparation, creamy pastas and salad with a rich dressing like a caesar’s salad, mild seasoned paneer dishes like paneer tandoori.

Serving Temperature

10-12 °C



Tasting Note

A fine balance of fruity and earthy aromas with a contrast of cherry and leather flavours on the palate that delivers a smooth and soft mouthfeel and a lingering finish.

Food Pairing

Chicken kebabs and tandoori, roast turkey, cured meats especially made from pork, hard cheeses with medium flavour intensity, smoked and tandoor vegetables.

Serving Temperature

16-18 °C

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